Sourcing and Staffing Services

A collaborative selection process

Sourcing and Staffing Services

A collaborative selection process

  • Contingency Hiring

It can be challenging to develop staff contingency plans in a fast-paced environment where you don’t have the necessary time (or resources) to search for and vet candidates. Imizizi specialists conduct ongoing recruitment services, so we’re able to provide the right talent as and when you need it.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Your talent strategy, specific requirements, and company culture are key ingredients when it comes to ensuring that candidates are the right fit for your business. That’s why Imizizi’s comprehensive recruitment process goes beyond filling vacancies.

  • Retained Hiring

Imizizi conducts premium targeted and strategic searches on assignment to find the top performers and executives your business needs to expand and grow.

  • Exclusive Hiring

This is the ideal option if you require a sole, dedicated recruiter who can deliver service excellence and client satisfaction on an uninterrupted basis.

“Fill a specialised position”

  • Temporary Staffing

Need temporary talent to fill a specialised position or extra pairs of hands during peak seasons and staff shortages? Imizizi can help.

  • Payroll, Tax and Compliance

With all the labour-related compliance, payroll, and tax responsibilities taken off your hands, you can focus on the core competencies of your business.

  • Contract and Contractor Management

We administer contracts for our clients and our contractors, with end-to-end services that cover documentation, onboarding and compliance needs.

  • Skills Development and Training

Once candidates are placed, Imizizi carries out regular check-ins to ensure that you and the candidate are satisfied.

“The right talent when you need it”

  • Payslip and Tax Structuring

Imizizi specialists are in the loop on tax legislation and can assist with the creation of optimal salary structures.

  • Integrated Electronic Payment Solutions

Salary payments are efficient and easy because we use flexible, integrated electronic payment systems.

  • Payroll Tax Returns

Imizizi is able to submit EMP201 and EMP501 returns.

  • Customised Reports

Our customised reports give you valuable insights that assist with data-driven business decision-making.

  • UIF Declarations

We submit monthly UIF declarations to the Department of Labour.

“Attention to the details. Always.”


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