About Imizizi

Diversity and growth at our core

Imizizi, from mizizi, the Swahili word for “root”, is 100% Black female-owned.

It was founded on a deeply rooted passion for people, skills development, and service delivery.

With vast experience in diverse corporate landscapes, Imizizi’s leaders approach every business scenario with an open mind, believing that this is the best way to enhance value on all levels.

At Imizizi we believe that learning is a lifelong pursuit, so we strive to empower employees and provide our partners with constantly evolving talent.

Our partnerships are based on listening and understanding business dynamics, to ensure consistency and transformation.

At our roots? Passion.


Our Vision is to be a source of wealth, growth and inspiration to our employees, clients and beneficiaries; with an electrifyingly fun working environment and generous contributor to the upliftment of those in need

Our Mission

To be the most trusted People Management services provider for the hire-to-retire value chain

To have a global presence on all things people management

To disrupt the confines of People Management, liberate and evolve
people to reach their optimal aspirations

Imizizi’s priorities

A firm belief in finding a better way

We are inspired by the power of our roots and the partnerships we’ve built while helping others thrive.

As specialists in people management and consulting, Imizizi offers support and solutions that reinforce your company’s values and streamline its performance.

The principles that drive the way we do things


Those who engage with us find us to be warm, engaging, heart-led, sincere, people-centric and caring in what we say and how we say it. We value Authenticity.


Those who engage with us find that we speak, write and act in ways that are inspiring, inspired, logical, analytical, wise, and optimistic. We value Focus on the Future.


Those who communicate with us find us to be strategic, deliberate, intentional, impactful, driven, and focused. We value Purposeful Communication.


Those who engage with us enjoy the fact that we display courage, confidence, authority, curiosity, fun, energy, pride, and strength. We value Boldness.

Why choose Imizizi?

What sets us apart

businesses and people by creating a culture of service and promoting continuous skills development.

by understanding our clients needs and providing purpose-built solutions and rewarding partnerships.

by understanding our clients needs and providing purpose-built solutions and rewarding partnerships.

Let's get growing!

We’ll help you find solutions that take your business forward

The women
behind the name

Mponeng Seshea


Yolisa Tshabalala