Contingent Workforce Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Responsive, convenient, value-driven people management

Contingent Workforce Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Responsive, convenient, value-driven people management

  • Vendor Sourcing

Imizizi is an expert at strategically sourcing, vetting, and selecting the right vendors.

  • Performance Management

We monitor vendor performance on your behalf to ensure quality service delivery and visibility.

  • Contract Management

We define, execute, manage, and analyse contracts to maximise your financial and operational benefits.

  • Risk and Compliance

Leveraging the best risk management practices, Imizizi can help you to mitigate the risks associated with vendors.

“Maximise your financial and operational benefits.”

  • Sourcing Strategy

Our years of experience and our innovative practices allow Imizizi to recruit talent quickly and effectively.

  • Standardised Processes

Using different service providers can lead to confusing processes. As an MSP, we design structured and standardised processes that all service providers can use to improve operations.

  • Managing Demand and Supply

Imizizi works with you to plan for the roles and skills required to meet future deliverables.

“Structured and standardised processes”

  • Contingent Workforce Governance

Imizizi defines and executes external workforce governance so you can maximise your external resources.

  • Workforce Training and Development

We believe that constant learning and upskilling are essential to the success of any workforce, which is why we offer continued skills and knowledge development to external teams.

  • Onboarding and Offboarding

Imizizi creates seamless external workforce onboarding and offboarding processes to familiarise teams with your environment, while initiating a smooth exit once their services are complete.

  • Commitment to Wellness

We believe that employee wellness is vital to productivity, which is why we offer wellness coaching to all candidates.

“Resources, maximised”

  • Payroll and Tax Compliance

Imizizi handles payroll, tax, and labour-related compliance for temporary employees.

  • Timesheets and Invoice Management

Timesheet and invoice inaccuracies can cause problems for you and your external workforce. Imizizi’s systems provide seamless and accurate processes to minimise your risks and responsibilities.

  • Expense Management

Imizizi manages external workforce expense movement monthly to ensure accurate invoicing and payments.

“Accurate invoicing and payments”

  • Analytical Reports

Insight is key to maintaining an effective contingent workforce programme. At Imizizi, we pride ourselves on providing reports that go beyond the numbers to improve visibility, unlock cost-saving opportunities, and enhance decision-making.

“Going beyond the numbers”


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