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Working together takes our country forward.

At Imizizi, we know that your people are the best drivers of, and ambassadors for, your company’s success. That’s why you need the right people.

What’s more, statistics prove that businesses dedicated to employee development and engagement have significantly lower attrition rates and experience higher organisational growth. By investing in their people, they rise.

“By investing in people we all rise.”

What we do

We believe in a holistic service offering that puts you first, allowing the best for all.

“The right people, the best processes, the healthiest organisations”

We listen. We advise. You grow.

When we serve our clients and develop their skills, we start by listening. Understanding you and your business is our first step to making it grow.

Our holistic, performance-enhancing services embed excellence in your employees and your organisation.

Our Clients and Partners


“Going further together”

Behind Imizizi

Mponeng Seshea


Mponeng is a firm believer in “going further together”. Passionate about learning, empowerment and growth, she has extensive experience in identifying the inefficiencies that exist in various levels of an organisation. Mponeng creates value by building strategies that unite the different aspects of an organisation to jointly produce a mutually valuable outcome.
Her focus on self-sustainability and continuous people development drives her to promote teamwork and efficient ecosystems. A key player in managing business development, forging relationships, and ensuring business growth with Imizizi’s strategic partners, Mponeng has also co-founded a food and beverage company and a venture-building company.
Mponeng is passionate about learning, empowerment, and growth. She is an avid believer in "together we can go further". She has extensive experience in identifying and resolving process inefficiencies at organisational, departmental, program or project level to enable and create value for businesses. Her experience in different industries has broadened her skills in the various cycles of businesses, processes, and projects.
Mponeng has been a key player in managing business development with strategic partners, forging relationships, and ensuring business growth. She also co-founded a company in the beverage and food industry which has added to her experience of business acumen, focus and resilience. She is passionate about people and business development, education, and the upliftment of people in their current or envisioned positions in life and enabling them to be self-sustainable.
She is a strong believer in continuous evolution as a person, through knowledge attainment of everything that can make her, and everyone around her, to be the desired version of themselves. She believes that one of the ways we can see this vision realised is if people and businesses work together and create ecosystems.
Yolisa Tshabalala

Founder, Director

A seasoned leader, Yolisa has pioneered strategic partnerships and projects that connect businesses with their people in real, innovative and sustainable ways. She is a helper at heart, committed to giving back and making the world a better place. She assists organisations in achieving their strategic and operational goals – the big picture – while focusing on skills development, project management, and service delivery – the details that make all the difference.
Yolisa’s experience in financial services, the automotive industry and consulting has earned multiple accolades. She is particularly passionate about women empowerment and IT. With the rapid pace of technological change, businesses that fail to embrace diversity and inclusivity will be left behind. Yolisa's work at Imizizi helps to pave the way for a more equitable and innovative future, with women and tech at the forefront of progress.
Yolisa is co-founder and director of Imizizi, and a seasoned leader who has pioneered strategic partnerships and projects that connect businesses to their people. She gained her experience in the Banking, Insurance, and Consulting industries, earning many accolades along the way. Yolisa is a helper at heart, who cares about giving back to the community and making the world a better place, one person at a time.
She assists organisations in achieving their strategic and operational objectives, and she excels at skills development, managing projects, and driving service delivery.

“Business with a heart”