Outsourced People Management

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Outsourced People Management

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  • Right Size

Imizizi will help you to define the correct number of people and roles for your organisation, ensuring minimal vacancies while preventing overstaffing.

  •  Right Shape

Imizizi identifies critical competencies and considers your business succession planning to reveal the skills that your organisation needs today and tomorrow.

  •  Right Cost

Imizizi will help you determine ideal and manageable labour costs to ensure cost efficiency.

  •  Right Agility

Imizizi will work with you to achieve an adaptable, agile and resilient workforce.

“Size, shape, cost, agility”

  • HR Strategy Alignment

Let Imizizi help you to define an HR strategy that aligns with your strategic business objectives.

  • Policies

Together we can fine-tune and establish HR policies, procedures, and best practices.

  • Enterprise HR Risk Management

We’ll identify, manage and mitigate HR risks as well as integrate robust controls into your operations.

  • Compliance

Imizizi ensures that your HR function complies with legislation throughout daily operational activities.

“HR policies, procedures and best practices”

  • Performance Management

We’ll define, implement, and measure performance to ensure your teams are productive, engaged, and motivated.

  • Learning and Development

We’ll help you define a learning and development strategy, identify training requirements, and design a structured training plan.

  • Leadership Development

Equip your leaders with the necessary leadership skills, while identifying future leaders and providing a structured leadership development plan.

“Define, implement and measure performance.”

  • Management of High Performers

Imizizi will help you to identify and retain top talent through talent management initiatives and programmes.

  • Reward and Recognition

Let’s work together to introduce innovative reward and recognition programmes with short- and long-term incentives.

  • Compensation and Benefits

Imizizi offers policy-based guidance on monetary and non-monetary employee privileges while ensuring competitive compensation, internal equity, and compliance.

“Identify and retain top talent.”

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