General Management

  • Manage local investment strategy processes and steer strategic decision making within the AITF.
  • Support the CIO and Executives to define the businesses short- and long-term strategy.
  • Manage all OEM transformation directors’ requirements
  • Leading industry-wide projects to enable the achievement of the sectors SAAM 2035 aspirations
  • Ensure strict compliance with the use of funds and adhere to sound financial practices to manage return on investments.
  • External positioning of the AITF to ensure alignment within the overall AITF strategy.


Market Analysis

  • Continuous scanning and analysis of the macro trends affecting the local and global automotive sector over a 3-5 year horizon.
  • Establish, maintain and utilise relationships with key stakeholders, such as OEMs, funders, beneficiaries and government, to enable opportunity and pipeline development.
  • Source, vet, size and segment opportunities in alignment with market trends and CIO objectives.
  • Develop beneficiary pipeline related to opportunities through the management of marketing channels such as roadshows and online portals.
  • Scan the market, prioritise, approach and secure potential funders to support CIO objectives.



  • Analyse the gap between funder preferences/ requirements, opportunities and beneficiaries as inputs into annual plan.
  • Develop and utilise proactive, predictive models to forecast optimal funding instruments required to achieve funder returns.
  • Develop annual plan with inputs from finance and capacity development for approval by executive and AITF structures.
  • Develop and report on monthly rolling forecasts to track progress against the annual plan. 


Opportunity Due Dilligence

    • Perform detailed beneficiary gap analysis to understand areas of improvement, capability to execute on opportunities and quantify risk.
    • Develop and utilise service providers as is required to perform beneficiary gap analysis and the resultant development plan, with support of Regional Capability Partners.
    • Recommend an optimal funding mix per beneficiary and articulate the overall impact on the fund and annual plan.
    • Identify and implement investment opportunities; and identify risks between public entities and other stakeholders and propose mitigating strategies.


Preparation of Investment Cases

        • Prepare individual and portfolio-wide investment cases for approval by AITF structures.
        • Negotiate the terms of beneficiary and opportunity funding with assistance from the Head of Legal.
        • Support beneficiary contracting on the basis of an approved investment case, with assistance from the Head of Legal/Company Secretariat.


People Management

Oversee Regional Capability Partners to ensure that:

      • Beneficiaries are captured and serviced.
      • Opportunities are captured and rationalised.
      • There are regular feedback and contact sessions with OEMs / opportunity providers.
      • All walk-in centres are adequately managed.