01. Summary


Responsible for the promotion of good governance to achieve ethical and effective leadership outcomes aimed at meeting the objectives of the AITF. To secure this progressive role, you will need strong leadership and entrepreneurial qualities, over and above the legal experience.  The ideal candidate must be able to balance their experience with entrepreneurial energy, be able to think outside the box and have a passion and drive for transformation.


02. Core Work Outputs

Governance and Risk


  • Establish and maintain a Corporate Governance Framework for the AITF.
  • Provide comprehensive practical support and guidance to Directors and ExCo, with a particular emphasis on supporting the Non-Executive Directors, the Chairperson of the Board and the Chairpersons of Board Committees.
  • Develop and maintain a Policy Framework providing detail regarding the requirements of policies in the AITF.
  • Coordinate internal and external communication to deliver the correct governance-related message.
  • Schedule activities and participants, prepare relevant documents, and procure necessary requirements in accordance with set procurement policies and procedures.
  • Manage ethics by establishing an ethics office and objectives, as well as associated risk identification/ assessment/ monitoring.
  • Manage the AITF code of conduct, compile compliance and ethics policies, enforce compliance and ethics, conduct compliance and ethics training and conduct governance compliance investigations.
  • Consider the triple context (economic, social, and environment) as part of the governance function.


Board and Executive Committees


  • Assist Chair(s) to set agendas and ensure that all Board/ Committee responsibilities (as per the relevant Board charters) are dealt with.
  • Formulate annual Board plans.
  • Advise on Board procedures and monitor compliance.
  • Convene Board meetings; compile and circulate agendas, Board papers (Board packs), attend meetings, take and prepare minutes and prepare relevant resolutions.
  • Develop Board Charter and Committee Charters as well as Terms of Reference for Board Committees.
  • Assist in the proper induction, orientation, and ongoing continuing professional development of Directors, including assessing the specific professional development needs of Directors and Executive management in their fiduciary and other governance responsibilities.
  • Ensure that the Board is provided with all relevant information to enable informed decision making.
  • Publish board instructions and directives.
  • Ensure that the proceedings of Board, ExCo and Board Committee meetings are properly recorded, and minutes of meetings are circulated to the Directors in a timely manner, after the approval of the Chairperson of the Board or relevant Board Committee.


Compliance & Reporting


  • Provide assurance to the ExCo and the Board by developing and implementing sound corporate governance policies and procedures.
  • Ensure compliance to statutory, legislative and regulatory requirements as well as the King Report on Corporate Governance.
  • Keep abreast of changes in legislation and ensure compliance by the organisation with all other laws and regulations applicable to its business.
  • Keep minute books and other statutory registers.
  • Submit required statutory returns timeously.
  • Certify compliance by the organisation with all administrative requirements of the Companies Act (in Annual Report).
  • Create and maintain the organisation’s risk register.
  • Keep an attendance register, register of declarations of interest, and minute books (Directors/ shareholders).
  • Ensure compliance with the organisation’s constitutional documents (Memorandum and Members Agreement).
  • Prepare and present monthly, quarterly and annual EEIP reports to the DTI and participating members.
  • Produce and present the relevant reporting/ disclosure documentation as required by the relevant prevailing statues and governing bodies (e.g. NCR, Reserve Bank, FSCA etc.).


Legal Counsel


  • Define and manage all commercial terms and SLA’s for AITF.
  • Act as first point of call on legal matters.


Data Governance


  • Ensure that all regulatory and compliance objectives from a data governance perspective are met including:

         - Scanning the horizon for potential regulatory requirements relevant to the AITF and raising regulatory items within the audit, risk and compliance committee.

         - Ensuring the implementation of regulatory controls and compliance practices within the organisation through appropriate existing structures or persons with adequate authority.


3. Requirements


  • Legal degree (B Com LLB / LLB).
  • Admitted Attorney - advantageous
  • FCIS – Chartered Secretary - advantageous
  • 7 – 10 years in a Company Secretarial role.
  • Experience dealing with litigious matters.
  • Clean criminal and credit records.