- Experience with Container Orchestration Platforms preferably Kubernetes or running applications in OpenShift
- Sound knowledge of any JVM Language e.g. Java / Kotlin
- Proficiency with Kafka or other streaming platforms or messaging systems e.g. MQTT
- Understanding Event-Driven Approach

- Experience with Continuous Integration and Delivery tools (e.g. GitLab, Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, …)
- Experience of agile methodologies, particularly Scrum
- Fit for business purpose mindset, i.e. the solutions provided must meet the business goals
- Excellent communication skills and team-oriented work behaviour in a distributed team

- South African citizens only 



- Contribute to the refinement of user stories (the user stories at the beginning of a development sprint might not be finally specified)
- Clarify open points possibly making proposals and/or developing a prototype for further discussion.
- Development of backend and frontend user stories.
- Take part in regular Scrum meetings via Skype. Daily, Planning, Estimation, Refinement, Review, Retro
- Liaise with stakeholders and team members
- Support existing solutions, DevOps