- Design, Build, Test, and document necessary technical and operational processes for the complete Lifecycle of the Product (Installation, Operation, Upgrade procedures, Decommissioning)
- Design and document the constraints of the solution (what is being supported)
- Document the Solution using the organization's tools (like Connect IT), maintain the documentation.
- Coordination with the company's Linux and NTT operations Teams regarding operational questions or procedures
- Coordination with the company's Linux Solutions teams regarding overall OS and Hardware topics
- Coordination with the company's Storage Team regarding integration or usage of Storage technologies (like SAN or future technologies)
- Coordination and L3 support of Problems with the Veritas Solution that are uncovered during Incident/Problem Management (contact with Provider Problem Managers and Linux Solutions members)

- Autonomous research and contact with Veritas about new features and changes in upcoming releases.
- License management (operation and maintenance of the Veritas Operations Manager used to track licenses, coordination with the company's License managers: contact for future questions regarding license usage or when contract re-negotiations are due by Purchasing – Contract is held by the company's Backup Team due to majority of consummation is being Veritas Netbackup)
- Evaluating and documenting necessary adjustments on top of the company's Linux Server Standard stack.
- Create tooling for operational needs. Either coding by self or alternatively must be able to formulate the acceptance criteria for a development request for an external provider, coordinate the development and accept the proposed solution of the provider.

- South African citizens only



- Complete responsibility for the Veritas Cluster and Storage Stack for the company's Linux Servers by creating a solution that integrates into and/or extends the overall standard of the company's Linux server stack.
- The aim is to take over full product responsibility for the Veritas stack on Linux (architecture, solution build, 3rd level support).