- Deep knowledge of Prometheus, TimeSeries DB (influxDB, VictoriaMetrics) and Grafana

- In-depth working knowledge of IT Infrastructure and Platforms - Operating systems like Linux and Windows, Networks, Platforms like Databases, Web technologies, and Cloud technology (AWS, Azure, Google)

- Experience in Shell, Perl, Python and a higher programming language e.g. Java

- Ability to conceptualise complex information, but also delve into the details when required

- Understanding of integration between different technologies



- Continuous enhancement of OpenSource Monitoring solution based on Prometheus, InfraXS, VictoriaMetrics and Grafana

- 2nd and 3rd Level Support for OpenSource monitoring solution

- Collecting of requirements related to new monitoring functions

- Creating and refinement of user stories

- Developing of enhancements, defined in user stories, together with providers

- Responsible for all required documentation including Operations manual, security, test concept etc.

- Coordination between development and support environments