1. Management Accounting:


  • Cash Management
    • Monthly Cash payment projection
    • Negotiating of payment terms with creditors/debtors
    • Timing and control of payables and receivables
    • Monthly bank reconciliation
    • Accelerate collection from receivables
    • Processing all petty cash transactions
    • Maintain petty cash requisitions
    • Monthly management and reconciliations of petty cash
    • Perform weekly petty cash spot checks with the office manager


  • Project Accounting (Programmes)
    • Maintain project related records
    • Authorise transfer of expenses into or out of project funds
    • Review and approve project related supplier invoices
    • Review and approve project related time sheets
    • Review and approve project related overheads
    • Prepare and present project variance reports to FINCO and Board
    • Close-out projects as per IFRS


  • Reporting
    • Prepare and manage budgets and projections
    • Prepare forecast for future period
    • Advice with make or buy decisions
    • Prepare monthly management reports (performance reports i.e. budget vs actual). Performance discrepancies are variances between projected/predicted vs actuals/achieved
    • Maintain cost control and cost allocations
    • Present management reports to FINCO and Board


  1. Accounts Payables/Creditors
  • Capture invoices on Pastel
  • Prepare and review monthly creditors reconciliations
  • Maintain creditors historical data
  • Produce monthly reports
  • Compilation of requisitions and supporting documents for payment runs
  • Reconciliation of all payment requisition to payments actually made


  1. Accounts receivables
  • Create and distribute invoices
  • Follow up on long outstanding invoices
  • Maintenance of the debtors age analysis
  • Prepare and review monthly reconciliations


  1. Payroll
  • Prepare, process and review employee related data (hours worked, overtime, payment calculations)
  • Produce, review and distribute payslips
  • Handling payroll taxes (UIF, SDL, Tax). EMP201 return submission to SARS by the 3rd day of every month
  • Maintain employee leave days and keep record of employee information (HR and Payroll)
  • Submission of the bi-annual employer reconciliation (EMP501)
  • Produce and distribute IRP5 annually


  1. Compliance
  • Prepare and submit provisional tax returns to SARS every six months
  • Preparation financial statements according to IFRS (Annually)
  • Prepare and submit VAT returns to SARS as per the allocated period
  • Keep proper records and supporting documents for all transaction for audit purposes