- Experience in operation of Linux Servers and/or Windows Servers
- Experience in Windows Client OS, GPO and device control
- Experience with security standards and their implementation
- Experience with Active Directory
- Experience with Cloud and OnPremise Information Security
- Experience in whitelisting technologies
- Capability in interruption recognition, firewalls, and content filters
- Know threat assessment tools, skills, and procedures
- Proficiency in planning secure networks, computer systems, and application architectures
- System management, assisting several platforms and applications
- Capability in anti-virus software, firewalls, and content filters
- Know threat assessment tools, skills, and procedures
- Experience with monitoring and auditing solutions
- Experience in troubleshooting infrastructure, network and integration issues
- Experience with ITL processes (Incident, Change and Problem management)
- Plan and execute maintenance tasks (change management)
- Plan and execute infrastructure lifecycle tasks (technical lifecycle, change management)
- Resolve incident tickets
- Analyze and resolve problem tickets
- Facilitate the organization with the secure cloud computing platform
- Experience with automated security testing and reporting
- Experience with Web and Windows application securing, segregation and isolation
- Experience with Work with internal and external Security teams
- Experience with cloud technologies and cloud providers (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services)
- Experience in operation, maintenance of leading application control technologies

- South African citizens only



Be part of a global team responsible for the development and operation of the company's Digital Workspace that includes the products Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and Endpoint Compliance and Protection.
With the responsibility for the complete Application Control Platforms the company's UEM team secures more than >20.000 production devices worldwide. This includes Workstations in the production environment. The company's UEM team ensures the ongoing success of the company's Group by operating those Platforms and ensuring the protection of all devices worldwide.
The company's UEM team develops and operates a global platform of security platforms and solutions to provide endpoint security globally to the company's colleagues and partners.
Be involved in the maintenance and operation of a global company's Modern Workspace security for personal, virtual applications, desktops and production (>200.000 devices).
- Be a security-focused team member for our cloud and on-premises endpoints.

- Make sure that the infrastructure for security management and Application Control platforms run smoothly and secure for example utilizing McAfee solutions
- Actively work on constantly improving operational excellence including automation and proactive monitoring approaches with IT security considerations always embedded into our activities
Interact with an international product team, external providers, vendors and customers.
- Treat security as a first-class citizen
- Work closely with stakeholders (e.g. Cyber Defense Centre), development teams in constantly improving our UEM and security platforms, stability and availability
- Work with other IT teams on integration of new features and components
Main function:
- Be responsible for the SecDevOps of the company's enterprise UEM, endpoint protection, application control, and security platform components.
- Be responsible for the verification, planning, and actioning of security topics together with other IT teams
- Continuously work on improving the operational stability and security
- Work on automation of platform operations, troubleshooting and maintenance topics to continuously improve the security posture of our platforms
- Take care that security-related requirements, compliance, and documents are up to date